European Sociology Association (ESA) Adopted Ethical Guidelines Condemning Academic Boycotts.

In a recent meeting of its General Assembly on August 27th 2015, the EuropeanSociology Association approved two ethical guidelines which specifically condemn boycott against academics. Ethical Guideline 2 reads: ‘The aim of the Association to develop sociological understanding of both the diversity and the complexity of existing European societies should be reflected in norms of social investigation that take into account the experiences and perspectives of others according to our own non-discriminatory ethic’.

Ethical Guideline 3 reads: ‘To this end the ESA holds that its members, conference participants and partners are not to be discriminated against in any way, direct or indirect, including boycott of themselves or their institutions, based on their ethnic, national, gender, age, religious, disability, political or sexual orientation backgrounds’.

Click here for the full statement. See also the European Sociology Association website.


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