Proposals for Resolutions on Israel/Palestine

In a few days (October 21st 2015 ) the American Anthropological Association (AAA) will upload the texts of two or more proposals for resolutions on Israel/Palestine submitted to its annual Business Meeting. The business meeting will take place on November 20th 2015 at 18:15, during the AAA’s 114th Annual Meeting at the Denver Convention Center, downtown Denver. One of the proposed resolutions, entitled ‘Against the Occupation, Against an Academic Boycott’, was submitted jointly by 22 anthropologists, including some who are associated with Anthropologists for Dialogue on Israel/Palestine (ADIP). It is expected that at least one proposal for a resolution promoting a boycott of Israeli universities will be discussed there too.

This is the first time the AAA has decided to make available proposals for business meeting resolutions a month before the meeting (previously proposals were made public only a day or two before the meeting). The move, clearly geared to encourage debate ahead of Denver, is constructive, and we at ADIP are looking forward to the deliberations that will ensue.

In June 2015 the Israeli Anthropological Association (IAA) carried a resolution which addresses the issue and in a way anticipates the current debate at AAA. The news item published in Haaretz on June 16 2015, a few days after the IAA resolution makes this connection to succinctly.


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