Alternative peace initiative comes under fire for ‘normalization’

By Haggai Matar, +972 Magazine, June 4 2015

“A document published by the Two States, One Homeland group lays out its new model: dividing the land into two states, while maintaining open borders, freedom of movement for all and recognizing that the country is the homeland of two nations. According to the initiative, a solution to the conflict would allow settlers to remain residents — but not citizens — of the new Palestinian state, while Palestinian refugees could live in Israel, but only as citizens of Palestine.

Last Thursday, however, a news item published on the News1 website [Hebrew] described Bar-Shalom’s participation as a direct expression of the leftist views of Shas leader Aryeh Deri. Since then, a great deal of pressure has been put on Bar-Shalom and Grileck by members of the right-wing ultra-Orthodox community, calling on them to back out of the event. Neither Bar-Shalom nor Grileck could be reached for comment.

Just two days later, the Popular Struggle Coordination Committees — the body responsible for organizing the popular struggle committees, which are in charge of organizing actions against the separation wall and the settlements across the West Bank — opened a Facebook event in which they announced their opposition to the event, as it constitutes a form of “normalization” with the occupation.”

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